From notices of default up thru foreclosure sales and banks pending real estate owned, we’ll preview and select from County Default Notices exclusive property listings for Monroe, Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, St Lucie, Collier and Lee Counties. We research properties meeting requirements where the min-max offers (50 to 70%) plus rehab cost (10 to 15%) will not be more than 60 to 85% of assess market values. Amereos choice selections of County Auction Results will always give returns from 15% min to 40% max for all your collateral properties which will increase in equity value.

AMEREOS welcomes our affiliate Connected Investors and shall be respectfully in debt if you could tell everyone to come visit us and view our quick equity property selections. Register FREE when you submit purchase criteria including all property requirements?  We’ll then send you deals with available “equity” assessed with tax-market-base-values. CALL US 800-240-8543 TOLL FREE AND/OR VOICE/TEXT 305-974-1220 DIRECTLY