Florida’s Real Estate Economy has not been the same since the bubble burst. It seems like ancient history to some, but there is a hangover effect that is still with us. Yes, some markets have rebounded despite that, but how real grade properties make it to market has changed. There are new players in our local markets. Back in good old days, the only competition was small-to-mid-size institutions … all that has changed

We know institutions are attracted to easy money, so large funds have become equity investors. They have now raised billions of dollars to retain shadow inventories. As a result of this, average local real estate investors have to compete with these funds for real equity. In essence, the average equity investor is at the bottom of the real food chain. Dealing with these trusts seems like an impossibility … but hold on, not so fast

Everything changed since the Wall Street real estate crash as large institutions became different types of animals better known as institutional trusts. But wait cause a new TECHNOLOGY including online accelerated research procedures – finding, fixing, flipping or holding real estate premium grade properties is now easier than any time in history. With these new procedures for the equity investor, comes our research systems which were once only reserve for large institutions.

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Step 1: Educate yourself and establish a strategy

Spend some time familiarizing yourself with your particular stage of pre-foreclosure law. Establish marketing strategies: will you be making phone calls or knocking on the doors. Remember that these people are truly facing economic distress which is embarrassing. Your appeal must be compassionate and you must also be sincere in the desire to help.

Step 2: Get your Pre-Foreclosure Listings

By working together with us, you be gaining on-line access to updated pre-foreclosures. In addition, you have the necessary property information. You should then decide if you want to market in the major metropolitan area or focus on methods available on our site.

Step 3: Approach the Homeowner

Once you have your list prepared and organized, begin to contact the property owners. We suggest using various methods to contact these families but always with sympathy.

Step 4: Make your Best Offer

You are now prepared to make an offer to the family. Before the process can move any further, you must first have the trust of these people. You need to directly explain to this family, in a clear and patient voice, how you will help them thru the foreclosure process.